When in doubt, workout
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I promised to post some progress photos and here they are! 

The first two photos were took when I began (19-7-2012) and the bottom two were took about 5 minutes ago (3-10-2012). 

Two days ago I started my 3rd 30 Day Challenge, so really it’s not that long since I changed my shitty lifestyle! I’m very proud of myself and very pleased of my progress till now! And the best thing is that I never missed anything of the things I left behind (that would be processed crap and cigarettes!) I feel so strong. After all this is how I’m supposed to feel. This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!

Height : 174cm 5’7

SW:102kg 224.8lbs (15-7-2012)


  • Arm: 31cm
  • Belly: 101cm
  • Thigh: 59cm

Since I began I’m 6cm down from my arms, 15cm down from my belly and 10cm down from my thighs!

 And I am very very pleased to announce, that I have reached my first GW which is 90kg 198lbs!! Oh yeah! xD

Never give up! And if you have a couple of bad days, it’s ok! There’s not a single person on this football called planet earth, who doesn’t let go from time to time! Love your body, love yourself! And I’m telling you, everything else will come, eventually! 

Push hard!



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Goodmornin darlings! This is the workout post I didn’t upload yesterday!

Week 1 Day 2 of my 30 Day Challenge. You can find the whole workout with tutorial and modifications by Lisa Marie, here

Interval Timer 50/10 (50 seconds workout, 10 seconds rest)

I feel the need to express how deeply I HATE tuck jumps!!

I’m gonna prepare myself a delicious breakfast and then do today’s workout!

Toddles mates! 



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Hello my darling! 

It has been exactly one week since my last post. A good friend of mine was visiting and I’m also taking graphic design lessons! New starts in many different aspects of my life. And of course, me doing things is the result of this lifestyle I chose to live about two and a half months ago! I know that sometimes I seem to be over positive or romantic but I really believe that things change, actually, WE are the ones that change them! After hitting bottom at pretty much everything, I feel I have the right to know and say stuff like , “we can do it” It’s not that I believe them. It’s that I’m living it! If it this happened to me, it sure can happen to you! 

Anyway, ‘nuf said

This is my 3rd 30 Day Challenge, fount in bodyrock.tv. I’ve already done May’s and February’s and this is January’s! Here it goes!

Week 1 Day 1 Fit Test (you can find it here)

Interval Timer 50/10 1time through 

I’m very proud to say, that finally I’m competing at the intermediate level. I’ve stopped doing the “girly style” push ups, on my knees. From now on, it’s the real deal! (I’m curious to see when I’ll be able to do one leg push ups! xD) Considerting the fact that when I started 2 and a half months ago, I wasn’t able to doa push up in boxposition, that’s a big deal, at least for me! 

Also, hopefully tomorrow, I’ll make a progress post with photos! 

Love ya all!

Push hard, love your bodies! 



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